Chat with Einstein

On April 25, National Geographic Channel launches its first scripted television show, “Genius,” about the life of Albert Einstein. But before that happens, a chatbot on Facebook Messenger allows users to engage in a text exchange with “Albert Einstein,” exploring details of his life and accomplishments, and discovering his perspective on the March for Science.

Credit: i360


The real-life Einstein would likely have supported the march, which invites scientists and nonscientists alike to rally in a show of support for the sciences. In Einstein’s famous essay “The Common Language of Science” — recorded in 1941 as a radio address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and published in 1954 in an anthology of his writings called “Ideas and Opinions” — he described science as a shared language that plays an important role in shaping critical goals for the benefit of people and nations around the world.

Source (Mindy Weisberger, “Genius Bot: Chat with ‘Einstein’ Via Facebook Messenger”, LiveScience, 20.04.2017)