Conference Paper: DAR: Implementation of a Drone Augmented Reality Video Game


Abstract: Augmented reality video games combine the elements of a virtual application with those of the real world. With the recent advances in technology, this type of digital content is easily available to users. The player experience is enhanced by bringing the virtual experience to the world around us, and new interaction techniques emerge. We propose a video game in which the user controls a virtual drone which interacts with objects situated in a real environment. We present the development methodology that we followed in order to bring this project to life, from the early stages of topic selection to implementation details, and finally to the evaluation step.

Paper download link: DAR: Implementation of a Drone Augmented Reality Video Game

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Conference Paper: Semantic Segmentation Learning for Autonomous UAVs using Simulators and Real Data


Abstract: Deep learning requires large amounts of data for training models. For the task of semantic segmentation, manual annotation is time-consuming and difficult. With the recent advances in game engines, simulators have become more popular as they can instantly generate ground truth data for multiple sensors. In this paper, we make a thorough survey of the most recent and popular simulators and synthetic datasets, exploring solutions for semantic segmentation on images taken from drones. We also propose an extension of the CARLA simulator by introducing an aerial camera. We evaluate a deep learning model trained on both synthetic and real data and present a new dataset which comprises both.

Paper download link: Semantic Segmentation Learning for Autonomous UAVs using Simulators and Real Data

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Journal article: Game Development and Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game

Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Dorian Gorgan

gdv.pngGame Development and Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Computer Science Department
26-28 G. Barițiu street, 400027, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
E-mail: {zelia.blaga, dorian.gorgan}

Abstract: Game development is a complex task that requires a lot of hard work and patience because it contains various elements such as 3D objects, collision detection, scripting, sound management, animation, rendering, control, and artificial intelligence. Video games are also interactive applications; therefore, they need to be designed in such a way that would enable a high level of usability. In this paper, the development methodology steps that were done for creating a video game are presented. We also propose a heuristic evaluation with the purpose of answering questions that can determine if the game respects the usability requirements. The goal is to gain knowledge in game development with a hands-on experiment and to estimate the level of usability of the final product.

Keywords: Development methodology, heuristic evaluation, game design, game implementation, video games, usability.

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Blaga, B.C.Z., Gorgan, D. Game Development and Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game. Revista Romana de Interactiune Om-Calculator 11(1), 40-62, 2018