A Shorter Letter

Video description: Check out this awesome CGI 3D Animated Short/Spot “A Shorter Letter” – by The Frank Barton Company – Tom, a seven-year-old boy who, with Santa’s help, realizes that he doesn’t need to have all the toys he asked for to be happy. With this film, DDB wants to raise awareness of the need to start consuming in a more sensible way; especially in a time of excess like Christmas.


Video description: As in the workshop of the seasons, Autumn takes place near the scale model of the Earth, and using his tools, he must move his season on the planet!


The wait is over! The first 3 episodes of Arcane are available on Netflix, and the premiere was viewed by 1.5 million people on Twitch. The series follows two sisters trying to cope in different ways with what life throws at them, but it also beautifully captures the complex lives of people from Zaun and Piltover.

The opening ceremony of the Worlds 2021 Championship also paid tribute to these iconic characters.

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter – An Interactive Album Experience

Video description: The highly anticipated return of Pentakill is finally here with an epic virtual experience for the ages. Join Karthus, Mordekaiser, Sona, Yorick, Olaf, and Kayle to do battle with Viego and the Dissonant One, as the future of all Metal hangs in the balance…

Wave and Riot Games collaborated on this interactive album experience by providing a live augmented reality concert using motion capture technology.

Cyber Kicks

Video description: Created in two months by Kris Theorin using motion capture and other techno wizardry this personal project became a pulse-pounding foot chase through a neon-drenched cyberpunk city.

Credits: Directed, Animated, Edited, Sound Designed by Kris Theorin. “Up All Night” by Midnight Riot provided by Musicbed. Character Design and Modeling by Kris Theorin. Additional Models from KitBash3D, CGTrader, and TurboSquid.

Something’s Awry Productions

A Score To Settle

New information on the animated series Arcane has been released, starting with a short teaser.

Co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee introduce briefly the story setting, presenting the motivation behind this project.


puparium = the hardened last larval skin which encloses the pupa in some insects, especially higher diptera; a pupa enclosed in a puparium.

Shingo Tamagawa, an animator closely associated with the studio Sunrise, was afraid he’d start hating his drawings, and even the act of drawing, if he continued to pursue the path he was on. “No matter how hard your work,” he explains in the new documentary Three Minutes, Three Years: Making Puparia, “animation is something that is consumable.” Disillusioned, he stopped drawing for over a year. In that time, ideas slowly started accumulating for a new short film. After three years of solo production, his three-minute indie film Puparia was completed. He released it in November on YouTube, where it has since been viewed more than a million times

Source (How The Hit Short Film ‘Puparia’ Was Born From Frustration With The Anime Industry, CartoonBrew, 02.03.2021)


Today we take a dive into the world of 3D rendering that accompanies a musical journey.

What would a vibrant dream look like? The answer to this question is in the making of “SILNO” – an enigmatic, glossy and visually powerful journey directed by the acclaimed Tanu Muino for Ukrainian multi artist MONATIK.

The project’s webpage presents the development process, which captures visually stunning details from the music video, together with their starting stages, from research and development to early concepts.