DJI Avata

ENG: DJI Avata is a drone designed for first-person view (FPV) flying and capturing immersive video. It is perfect for those who want to capture FPV footage without the steep learning curve of traditional drones. It boasts the safety features of a DJI Mavic drone, making it easy to fly and control. And with no need to grapple with software like Betaflight or fuss with intricate LiPO charging, it’ll be up and flying in no time.

Credit: DJI
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Flux Keyboard

Until now, keyboards have not reached their full potential. Keyboards are tactile, but powerful shortcuts are hidden behind unchanging keys. Touchscreens are adaptable but are prone to misclicks and can’t be used by feel. The Flux Keyboard combines the best of both worlds. By incorporating the tactility and speed of a mechanical keyboard with the adaptability of a screen it breaks down the barriers between you and what you want to get done. Check the Flux Keyboard on Kickstarter.


ENG: A team of robotics engineers who moved from Carnegie Mellon University to a new company known as Shift Robotics has introduced Moonwalkers shoes on Kickstarter. These are not ordinary shoes, but some kind of roller skates that increase walking speed by 250%.

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Razer’s Project Sophia

ENG: At the CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show), Razer presented Project Sophia, a concept for a computer that is a desk with embedded modular components. This concept would allow users to swap parts and modules like displays, USB hubs or wireless chargers. It’s not the first time the company’s tried to make the PC more modular—last year, it showed off a more practical design using Intel’s miniature NUC, essentially a tiny CPU and motherboard combo. And its 2014 PC concept, Project Christine, gave us a glimpse at a possible PC future that made upgrading major components very easy.

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