Razer’s Project Sophia

At the CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show), Razer presented Project Sophia, a concept for a computer that is a desk with embedded modular components. This concept would allow users to swap parts and modules like displays, USB hubs or wireless chargers. It’s not the first time the company’s tried to make the PC more modular—last year, it showed off a more practical design using Intel’s miniature NUC, essentially a tiny CPU and motherboard combo. And its 2014 PC concept, Project Christine, gave us a glimpse at a possible PC future that made upgrading major components very easy.

What ultimately makes Project Sophia different than the best PC case desks are its modules. Users will have up to 13 different modules available when reconfiguring their Project Sophia machine, and these modules are compatible with everything from touchscreen digitizers and tablets to advanced speakers and monitors. Some other components and peripherals that the modules will work with include cameras, microphones, wireless chargers, and even cup warmers. Project Sophia is also lined with Chroma RGB lighting and comes with a built-in OLED display that’s available at either 65 inches or 77 inches.

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