Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio during the Windows 10 Creator’s Update event this past week, leaving many Microsoft fans excited to see more. The device is unquestionably gorgeous, and its arrival is paired with a creator-centric suite of new Windows 10 features.  The bulk of the Studio is a 28-inch display mounted on a pair of “zero gravity” hinges that allow it to act as a regular monitor or fold down into “Studio mode” for a writing and drawing surface – being designed to create an illusion of floating pixels. . In addition to 10-point multitouch, the display allows for interaction with a Surface Pen and a new accessory called the Surface Dial — a small metal puck that can be placed against the screen and rotated. The display runs at an ultrahigh resolution (4,500 x 3,000) and can switch between the wide DCI-P3 color gamut and the more common sRGB with the push of a button — a useful feature allowing designers to see what their creations will look like on other devices.

The Surface Dial was announced with the Surface Studio and is unquestionably a big part of what is going to make the Surface Studio experience so special. If you wanted to be able to use the Surface Dial but didn’t want to spend $3,000+ on the Surface Studio, you can still use the Surface Dial on any Windows 10 PC.

Source (Aaron Souppouris, “What creatives think of the Microsoft Surface Studio”, Yahoo! Finance, 28.10.2016)