Nvidia to Supply Robocar Brains for Roborace Formula E Series

Credit: Daniel Simon/Roborace

Nvidia’s chief executive says its self-driving system will be installed in all the cars in the Roborace Formula E series, an all-robotic, all-electric variant of Formula One that’s to begin by early next year.

When the original developer’s kit was released a year ago, Michael Houston, the technical lead for the project, said that the system could accommodate knowledge gleaned from deep learning, a method that uses reiterative analysis to discover patterns in masses of data. “Deep learning has different applications,” he said. “The focus has been on the visual analysis of imaging in video—web science, embedded systems and automotive. Fundamentally, we’re processing pixels.”

Source (Philip E. Ross, “Nvidia to Supply Robocar Brains for Roborace Formula E Series”, IEEE Spectrum, 08.04.2016)