Becoming a Programmer


I found this question on Quora and I believe that the answer of Anthony Albertorio will help many people who think of becoming programmers.

Is it too late to start programming at 17 if you want to be a top programmer?

I started programming at 22. Let’s give you a timeline.

22 – I learn what an “if statement” is.
24 – I get a job at Facebook as an analyst.
25 – I get a job at Facebook as an engineer
26 – I leave Facebook because a “side-project” Blockspring started making enough revenue that I couldn’t take it while being an employee at Facebook, I became a startup Founder. Went through Y-combinator, got several $M in funding from a top VC.

I’m still 26.

So if you’re 17, you definitely have a big step up on me. Get to it. But at the same time, there is no rush. If you’re 50, it’s not too late.

Just always be learning 🙂

Here is the full story: When are you too old to become an engineer?

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