Journal article: Game Development and Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game

Bianca-Cerasela-Zelia Blaga, Dorian Gorgan

gdv.pngGame Development and Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Computer Science Department
26-28 G. Barițiu street, 400027, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
E-mail: {zelia.blaga, dorian.gorgan}

Abstract: Game development is a complex task that requires a lot of hard work and patience because it contains various elements such as 3D objects, collision detection, scripting, sound management, animation, rendering, control, and artificial intelligence. Video games are also interactive applications; therefore, they need to be designed in such a way that would enable a high level of usability. In this paper, the development methodology steps that were done for creating a video game are presented. We also propose a heuristic evaluation with the purpose of answering questions that can determine if the game respects the usability requirements. The goal is to gain knowledge in game development with a hands-on experiment and to estimate the level of usability of the final product.

Keywords: Development methodology, heuristic evaluation, game design, game implementation, video games, usability.

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Blaga, B.C.Z., Gorgan, D. Game Development and Evaluation of the EvoGlimpse Video Game. Revista Romana de Interactiune Om-Calculator 11(1), 40-62, 2018