HTC Dot View Interactive Phone Case

Credit: HTC

The HTC Dot View phone case lets you interact with your phone when it is closed by just swiping on the case. The dot matrix cover will let you take calls, get weather updates, receive notifications, make voice commands, and more without even opening up your phone. No longer will you have to wipe away the dirt every time you need to check the time or weather, just swipe down on the case and do what you need to through the 8-bit pixel Mario looking interface. Currently only compatible with the HTC One (m8), the Dot view case comes in black, blue, orange, light green, and maroon, and measures 180mm x 73 mm x 12.6mm.

Credit: HTC

Source (Edgar Cervantes, “Best HTC One M8 cases”, Mobile Geeks, 18.11.2014)