Blackpack Cycling Backpack


Credit: William Root

Inspired by a turtles protective shell, the Blackpack incorporates clever innovative features to protect you and your belongings from the dangers of the urban environment.


Credit: William Root

With built in lights, waterprooof seams, easy-close zippers and a hard faceted shell, the Blackpack is the the ultimate urban cycling bag.


Credit: William Root

Source (William Root, “Blackpack”, Behance, 12.12.2014)

Glass Roof Tiles


Credit: SolTech System

ENG. Solar heating can now be both efficient and stylish with these Glass Roof Tiles. Made by SolTech System, this combination of technology with ecology brings all home owners a definite advantage and makes them choose environmental-friendly materials often. The important thing to know about this particular type of roof tile is that it doesn’t need bright sunshine in order to function at high parameters. Find out more here.


Credit: SolTech System

RO. Sistemele solare de încălzire pot fi acum și eficiente și atrăgătoare cu designul Glass Roof Tiles. Create de SolTech Systems, combinația dintre tehnologie și ecologie aduce doar avantaje și promovează utilizarea materialelor ecologice. Cel mai important aspect este că acest tip de țigle nu necesită lumină intensă pentru a funcționa la parametrii înalți.

See a color you can’t see

ENG. It’s well-known that there are colors that humans can’t see. But now in this easy tutorial by science teacher Robert Krampf, you can see one of these colors that are not visible to the human eye.

RO. Este bine cunoscut faptul că există culori pe care ochiul uman nu le percepe. Dar acum, în acest tutorial realizat de profesorul Robert Krampf, le poți vedea.