Becoming a Programmer


I found this question on Quora and I believe that the answer of Anthony Albertorio will help many people who think of becoming programmers.

Is it too late to start programming at 17 if you want to be a top programmer?

I started programming at 22. Let’s give you a timeline.

22 – I learn what an “if statement” is.
24 – I get a job at Facebook as an analyst.
25 – I get a job at Facebook as an engineer
26 – I leave Facebook because a “side-project” Blockspring started making enough revenue that I couldn’t take it while being an employee at Facebook, I became a startup Founder. Went through Y-combinator, got several $M in funding from a top VC.

I’m still 26.

So if you’re 17, you definitely have a big step up on me. Get to it. But at the same time, there is no rush. If you’re 50, it’s not too late.

Just always be learning ­čÖé

Here is the full story: When are you too old to become an engineer?

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Compute Resistor’s Resistance


RO. Exist─â 3 tipuri┬áde rezistori, ├«n func╚Ťie de num─ârul de benzi: cu┬á4, 5 sau 6 benzi. Acestea sunt colorate ├«n mod diferit pentru a facilita citirea rezisten╚Ťei. Primele benzi sunt cifrele, penultima reprezint─â ordinul de multiplicare, iar ultima este toleran╚Ťa.

Fiecare culoare reprezint─â o cifr─â:

0 = negru

1 =maro

2 = roșu

3 = portocaliu

4 = galben

5 = verde

6 = albastru

7 = mov

8 = gri

9 = alb.

Valorile┬ácu care se ├«nmul╚Ťe╚Öte num─ârul ob╚Ťinut anterior au codurile:

1 = negru

10 = maro

100 = roșu

1k = portocaliu

10k = galben

100k = verde

1M = albastru

10M = mov

100M = gri

1G = alb

0.1 = auriu

0.01 =argintiu.

├Än final, toleran╚Ťa poate avea valorile:

1% = maro

2% = roșu

3% = portocaliu

4% = galben

0.5% = verde

0.25% = albastru

0.1% = mov

0.05% = gri

5% = auriu

10% = argintiu.



ENG. There are 3 kinds of resistors, depending on the number of bands: 4 band, 5 band and 6 band resistors. These bands are colored differently for making the computation of the resistance easier. The first ones represent the digits, the second-to-last is the multiplier, and the last is the tolerance.

Each color represents a digit:

0 = black

1 = brown

2 = red

3 = orange

4 = yellow

5 = green

6 = blue

7 = violet

8 = grey

9 = white.

The values with which the previous number is multiplied are:

1 = black

10 = brown

100 = red

1k = orange

10k = yellow

100k = green

1M = blue

10M = violet

100M = grey

1G = white

0.1 = gold

0.01 =silver.

Finally, the tolerance can have the values:

1% = brown

2% = red

3% = orange

4% = yellow

0.5% = green

0.25% = blue

0.1% = violet

0.05% = grey

5% = gold

10% = silver.

Mozilla’s new Firefox browser for developers

RO. Cei de la Mozilla au anun╚Ťat c─â pe 10 noiembrie┬ávor lansa┬áun browser bazat pe Firefox, dedicat dezvoltatorilor, ce le va oferi posibilitatea s─â “depaneze ├«ntregul Internet”. “C├ónd construiesc┬áceva pentru┬áInternet, dezvoltatorii folosesc un ├«ntreg arsenal de instrumente┬ádiferite, care nu func╚Ťioneaz─â bine ├«mpreun─â. Asta ├«nseamn─â c─â va trebui s─â schimbi mai multe instumente, platforme ╚Öi browsere, ceea ce te va ├«ncetini ╚Öi ├«╚Ťi va sc─âdea productivitatea.”

ENG. Mozilla announced that on November 10th they will launch a Firefox-based browser dedicated to developers┬áthat will allow them to “debug the whole Web”. ┬á“When building for the Web, developers tend to use a myriad of different tools which often donÔÇÖt work well together. This means you end up switching between different tools, platforms and browsers which can slow you down and make you less productive.”